Questions To Ask

A list of sample questions to ask when interacting with law school representatives:

Questions to Ask List:

  • Are there any joint-degree programs available?
  • Does the program offer any international experiences?
  • Does the program offer part-time options?
  • How many students are typically admitted?
    • How many usually apply?
  • What amenities does the campus provide?
    • What does the surrounding community offer in terms of entertainment, housing, etc.?
  • What admissions factors carry more weight after GPA and LSAT scores?
  • What merit-based or application scholarships are available?
    • When should I apply to have the greatest access to scholarships?
  • What percentage of your graduates usually pass the bar exam?
  • Where do alumni typically find employment?
    • What types of employers usually seek out your graduates?
  • Where do students usually complete their clinical work?