Core Skills Course List

Listed below is a sample of introductory courses that may help a student develop the skills recommended for successful law practice and/or prepare a student for the LSAT. Several courses may provide multiple skill-building opportunities. These courses are NOT required for admission into law school.  The courses listed are subject to change, may be offered infrequently, may be major restrictive, or involve prerequisites.

Additionally, some courses are appropriate for all stages of a student’s college career, while some are best suited for a student within the major. Before registering for any of these courses, a student is encouraged to speak to their current academic advisor and a representative of the department in which the course is housed to confirm the details and expectations of the course.

  • Problem-Solving:  PHI 2630. Ethical Issues and Life Choices (3); STA 2122. Introduction to Applied Statistics (3)
  • Critical Reading:  PHI 2100. Reasoning and Critical Thinking (3); AML 2010. American Authors to 1875 (3); IFS 2046. The Role of the Public Intellectual (3); REL3178 Religion and Law (3)
  • Writing and Editing: ENC 1101. Freshman Composition and Rhetoric (3); IFS 2030.            Reading, Writing and Speaking in the Digital Age (3)
  • Oral Communication and Listening: COM 2412. Culture, Identity and Communication in Context (3); SPC 2608. Public Speaking (3); SPC 1017. Fundamentals of Speech
  • Research: STA 1220. In My Opinion: Introduction to Designing, Conducting and Analyzing Surveys (3); ENC 2135. Research, Genre, and Context (3)
  • Organization and Management: URS 1006. World Cities: Quality of Life (3); LDR 2101. Leadership Theory and Practice (3); LDR 2162. Leadership in Groups and Communities (3)
  • Public Service and Promotion of Justice: IFS 2031. Who is Human? Culture, Gender and Human Rights (3); SYG 2010. Social Problems (3); LDR 2213. Leadership for Social Justice (3)
  • Relationship-Building and Collaboration:  IFS 2070. Thinking Beyond Ourselves: Global Perspectives (3); AMH 2097. Nationality, Race, and Ethnicity in the United States (3)
  • Background Knowledge:  AMH 2010. A History of the United States to 1877 (3); AMH 2020. A History of the United States Since 1877 (3); POS 1041. American Government: National (3)
  • Exposure to the Law: CCJ 2020. Introduction to Criminal Justice (3); PHI 2630. Ethical Issues and Life Choices (3); REL3178 Religion and Law (3)