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If you are considering a career in law, applying to law schools, or preparing for the LSAT, this website has been designed to assist you. If you would like to meet with an advisor, please contact prelaw@fsu.edu for a referral. Include your major and classification (Freshmen, Sophomore, Alumni, etc.).

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How do pass/fail (S/U) classes on your transcript impact your law school admissions?

With many schools across the country moving to some or all classes being graded as pass/fail (S/U), the Law School Admissions Council (LSAC) is aware that Spring 2020 transcripts for law school applicants may look different than other letter-graded semesters. The statement below outlines LSAC's plans for noting this particular semester on applicant's admissions profiles.

Law School Admissions Counsel Statement on Pass Fail (S/U):

Law schools are fully aware of and understand that many undergraduate schools are going to some version of a pass/fail grading system for Spring 2020. In fact, many law schools are making the same decision for their current students. Law schools will be understanding of the situation and will not penalize any applicant for having Pass/Fail grades. LSAC will place a letter in the CAS report of every applicant enrolled during Spring 2020, to remind law schools going forward that the semester was one in which many schools changed their grading systems in light of the COVID-19 pandemic

Review Updates and FAQs here: https://www.lsac.org/update-coronavirus-and-lsat

How do you decide if you should change a letter-graded course to pass/fail (S/U) this semester?

You might want to consider moving a letter-graded course to pass/fail (S/U) if you are passing the course (C- or higher) but the grade is not going to keep your GPA the same or improve it. If you are going to make below a C-, taking the pass/fail (S/U) option would allow you to receive a U and therefore NOT impact your GPA. However, please remember a D+,D, or D- will give you the credit towards graduation for the course, so you will need to decide if earning the credit is more important than how it will impact your GPA. We suggest the student calculate the grade they could reasonably earn by the end of the term and compute if it would help or hurt their GPA. Also, remember that law school applications include academic addendums where you can elaborate on your decision to choose pass/fail or stay with letter-graded courses during this unprecedented times. 




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