Legal Courses List

Listed below are a list of all FSU undergraduate course titles containing either the words “law” or “legal.”  These courses are NOT required for admission into law school.  The courses listed below are subject to change, may be offered infrequently, may be major restrictive, or involve prerequisites.  Please contact the course’s corresponding department to learn if a course is regularly available for credit or audit. Additionally, some courses are appropriate for all stages of a student’s college career, while some are best suited for a student within the major. Before registering for any of these courses, a student is encouraged to speak to their current academic advisor and a representative of the department in which the course is housed to confirm the details and expectations of the course.

 ADV 3352. Mass Media Law (3)

AMH 3319. The Evolution of Law, Crime, and Justice in American Society: to 1876 (3)

AMH 3472. Evolution of Law, Crime, and Justice in American Society: 1865 to the Present (3)

AMH 4553. American Legal History I (3)

AMH 4554. American Legal History II (3)

BUL 3310 The Legal Environment of Business (3)

BUL 3330. Law for Accountancy (3)

BUL 3350. Uniform Commercial Code Business Law Problems (3)

CJE 3110. Law Enforcement (3)

CJE 4222. Forensic Entomology: Case Studies and Legalities (3)

CJL 4038. Law, Society and the Administration of Justice (3)

CJL 4110. Substantive Criminal Law (3)

COM 3483. Reel Legal (3)

EDG 4410. Classroom Management and Legal Issues (3)

FIL 4653. Film Law (3) – Must be a film major

HFT 3603. Law for Hospitality Operations/Analysis (3)

MUE 4392. Classroom Management, Safety, Law, and Ethics (3)

PAD 4603. Administrative Law (3)

PAD 4606. American Legal Systems (3)

PHI 3162. Logic and the Law (3)

PHM 3400. Philosophy of Law (3)

POS 3691. Law and Society (3)

POS 4284. Courts, Law, and Politics (3)

REE 4433. Legal Environment of Real Estate (3)

RMI 4420. Legal and Political Aspects of Insurance (3)

SOP 3751. Psychology and the Law (3)

SPM 4723. Legal Issues in Physical Education (3)

SYD 2740. Sociology of Law and Hispanics (3)

SYP 3540. Sociology of Law (3)